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Black Blood - Excerpt 1
A brief excerpt from the second draft of the novel.
The wolf furrowed his nose, sniffed the cold, still air. He stood on the large boulder, graying neck fur bristled, red eyes faintly glowing in the darkness, a low growl coming from his throat. His prey was somewhere out there, hiding in the low trees.
Then he spotted movement, and pounced. Darting between crooked tree trunks, tangled lichens swiping at his face, but his prey was too fast. By the time he found the tracks, it was already gone.
But the scent was still fresh. It had to be close.
The wolf followed the scent-trail, nose to the ground, until he reached another clearing, and that's when he saw the ogre.
Half-hidden between the trees, the ogre crouched over his kill—the wolf's prey, his dinner—blood dripping off its yellow, broken fangs, white eyes staring blindly at the new arrival.
The wolf calculated his chances against the ogre. It was too large, maybe seven feet tall, and much too heavy, all muscles and
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Commission: Cobalt Princess Variant Cover by chaospunk666 Commission: Cobalt Princess Variant Cover :iconchaospunk666:chaospunk666 3 18 Skaarj (Unreal Tournament) by chaospunk666 Skaarj (Unreal Tournament) :iconchaospunk666:chaospunk666 3 15 Plague by chaospunk666
Mature content
Plague :iconchaospunk666:chaospunk666 22 0
Tutorial: Manga Studio 5 Basic Custom Brushes by chaospunk666 Tutorial: Manga Studio 5 Basic Custom Brushes :iconchaospunk666:chaospunk666 1 0 Tutorial: Manga Studio 5 Comic Page by chaospunk666 Tutorial: Manga Studio 5 Comic Page :iconchaospunk666:chaospunk666 1 0 Sketch: World Map by chaospunk666 Sketch: World Map :iconchaospunk666:chaospunk666 0 0 Commission: Old Man Spider by chaospunk666 Commission: Old Man Spider :iconchaospunk666:chaospunk666 0 0 Hazard by chaospunk666 Hazard :iconchaospunk666:chaospunk666 3 0 Witchpriest by chaospunk666 Witchpriest :iconchaospunk666:chaospunk666 5 0 Shazug by chaospunk666 Shazug :iconchaospunk666:chaospunk666 3 0




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Ira Black
Artist | Student | Digital Art
I'm a queer artist and writer from Europe working under the pen name Ira Black. I write and draw dark science fiction and fantasy, create languages, and am learning C++.

My drawing tablet is dying of old age, so I'm raising some money for a new one.
I'm open for commissions, but if you'd rather donate, send me a note. Thank you!


Twitter | Conlangs

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I have a new drawing tablet! No more dealing with broken cables and driver issues!:squee:
ETA: Did a bit of inking with that fancy new Intuos Pro. It's so much easier now.
2017-04-28 21h47 21 by chaospunk666
Art stream coming up! Tonight, 10PM Central Europe / 4PM US East Coast. (That's in about an hour and a half.) Link: (Ignore the NSFW warning.)
Well. Next week is practice week, which means a lot of sketches and drawings for people! After that I'll try to catch up on my own projects, they've been gathering dust for way too long. Commissions are still open, of course.
ETA: I might livestream some art again. Watch this spot (or my Twitter, link's in the bio).
I promised midnightmoon74 a list of writing tutorials, so I figured I make a blog post out of it for everybody to peruse. I might add to it later, too. And if you got others you found particularly hepful, post them in the comments!

Resources & Tutorial Collections

Bullet; Green Mythcreants have an excellent blog on writing, worldbuilding, and then some.
Bullet; Green Eva Deverell has a great collection of tutorials: Storytelling Essentials | creative writing blog.

Research, research, research! Whenever you're writing about something you don't have personal experience with, do your research. Never, ever assume something. Google, Wikipedia & Co. are there for your research needs. Social media lets you learn from people directly (and politely ask for more information on a topic, a lot of the time—respect a "no", though, as not everybody's up for talking about potentially personal stuff).

Story Structure

Bullet; Green So, what's a story made of? The basic parts are beginning, middle and end. And that doesn't apply only to books, but also to chapters and scenes. In fact, if it doesn't have all three, it's not a scene. There's more to a scene, too. Here's a great tutorial: Three Easy Steps To Writing A Scene – Sydney Scrogham.

The Process

Bullet; Green If you're new to writing, learn some terminology. Not the whole publishing stuff just yet, you won't need that for a while. But the writing craft terms. This one's for college papers, but applies to fiction as well: Revision, Editing and Proofreading: What’s the Difference?.

Bullet; Green Whether you outline or not, you start with the first draft. And as some famous writer-person said (and I can never remember who it was), "the first draft of everything is shit". So, whatever you do, don't try to publish that first draft.

While writing your first draft, try not to go back and edit just yet. Just write. If that's difficult, try white font on white background. That'll get you a ton of typos, but that's still better than messing around with one paragraph forever and never finishing that story.

If you need an extra boost, join NaNoWriMo (or Camp NaNoWriMo—basically the same thing, but at different times of the year).

Bullet; Green Once you got your first draft done, the next step is revision and editing. How extensive that is depends on the size of the work, and how you draft (see below for tutorials).

Bullet; Green And finally, proofreading. That is, checking your writing for typos and the like (see below).

Bullet; Green When that's done, send it off to the beta readers. Listen to their critique. If several of them complain about something in particular, it most likely needs changing.

If you write about minorities and other groups you're not a part of (and even if you are), get some sensitivity readers from the group in question. They can give you an insider's perspective, what's okay and what's not, and tell you where you're being biased.

Bullet; Green Now, if you're going for publishing (self or trad), you gotta add another step after the betas: The professional editor. Yes, you're gonna have to pay them. Probably a lot. Yes, you can skip this step, but it won't do your book much good. (If you can't afford an editor, you got little choice there, obviously. But if you can, spend that money.)

Revision & Editing

Bullet; Green Here are two very good revision tutorials: One-Pass Manuscript Revision: From First Draft to Last in One Cycle – Holly Lisle: Writer and How to Revise A Novel – Holly Lisle: Writer.

Bullet; Green Check your spelling and grammar! This should be obvious, yet apparently it's not. Spellcheck is you friend, though you shouldn't rely on it alone. It's not perfect, it's only your first round of proofreading. After that, you gotta do the work on your own. Just you and your dictionary.

Also look for homophones, i.e. words that sound the same but mean different things (e.g. faze vs. phase, affect vs. effect). Don't worry if you miss a couple mistakes—we all do. Heck, there are typos in traditionally published books with multiple people editing and proofreading. Just do the best you can, be thourough, and you'll be fine.
As a non-native speaker of English, let me add that writing in a foreign language is no excuse for skipping this step. If anything, you should work even harder on getting it right, because you'll learn the language in the process as well.
That said, kudos to everybody writing in a foreign language!

Writing Advice Books

All books recommended here are available as ebooks on Amazon, and some of them at least elsewhere as well. If you don't have a Kindle, Amazon has a free app.

Bullet; Green Rayne Hall's blue writing advice series is for experienced writers, but I can recommend her "Word-Loss Diet" to all writers. For the advanced writers, do get the other books, too. They're well-written, affordable and excellent. My other personal favorites by her are "Euphonics for Writers", "Writing Vivid Settings", "Writing Vivid Dialogue" and "Writing Deep Point of View".

Bullet; Green Holly Lisle's "How to Write Page-Turning Scenes" is a great in-depth guide to writing scenes.

Bullet; Green Angela Ackerman & Becca Puglisi's thesauri are great reference books for character and setting description. My favorites: "The Emotion Thesaurus",  "Emotion Amplifiers" and "The Urban Setting Thesaurus".

Bullet; Green Mignon Fogarty (aka. Grammar Girl) has some very useful reference books, too. My favorites are the "Grammar Devotional" and "Punctuation 911".

There are plenty of other great writing books, of course. Those are just a couple I personally found very useful.

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